Human Interface Technologies

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Who we are

Our dedicated teams deliver web-projects, virtual reality & augmented reality experiences and 3D design. We solve complex problems for clients on time and within budget. Utilising the latest frameworks and technologies.

What we love to do

Area of our expertise

Fin-tech We are creating applications that fits all requirements of security and high-loads of such a solutions.
Learning We have great experience in building platforms for learning courses, as well as creating VR/AR solutions to help students to get knowledge.
Real estate Helping to visualize your design and to present it to your customer in VR/AR way
Gaming Have idea of the game but don’t know how to develop it? - we can help you to build your application - mobile (iOS/Android), PC, AR/VR.
CRM solutions We have great experience in creating complex CRM solutions, that exactly match business model of the customer.
Cross-platforms applications We are using progressive technologies to create mobile solution that fits your requirements.
Back-end part We know how to make algorithms work. You will forget that you had a question “How to make my solution works in the way that I want to?”
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning We know how to make your solution think and learn by itself.

Our projects

Tech stack

How we can help you

Outsource You have idea, but don’t know how to realize it? - We will help you with whole complex of software development services.
Dedicated team You know how to develop your solution but have no team? - We can provide you with the group of professionals that will create your product with will fit your requirements.
Offshore software dev You have everything but engineer is missing? - We can help you with professional developer to enhance your development team.

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