IoT App Development – quick overview of the trends for upcoming years

IoT Trends

The field of the IoT apps is one of the most rapidly changed and fast-growing fields for the last half-e of the decaddecade. While in 2015 the majority of the individual users were very skeptical about using IoT apps, today almost everybody has tracking apps on their smartphones and uses them at least a few times a week. But even this curve of grow is only the start of the giant industry called IoT growth – according to the lead experts the market of the IoT apps will continue its booming and the estimated volume of the connected devices in 2025 will reach 75.5 billion (as for now the real volume of the market is 23.1 billion).

So, if you are the one that has an idea of the IoT startup you are definitely is born in the right time and place. But to master all the challenges and grab the top positions for the next couple of the decades you have to analyze wherever your idea can be adapted to the trends that will form the IoT field in the upcoming 5 to 10 years. And here are they:

1. More advanced security requirements for the IoT apps

The good news is that thanks to the booming of the IoT fieldall the obstacles with the standardization and protocols usage in developing IoT apps is now overcame and users can be sure that their data is almost safe. Of course, there are still some issues that must be mastered before we could say that there is no way to hack the personal data, but as the cybersecurity and data security branches continue to develop, the opportunities for the IoT field are also continuing to shift.

So, advice number 1 – while you working on the concept of your app don’t forget to add the secret ingredient that will make the hearts of your users more opened to your product – securitization of their personal data.

2. Its all about data

Data drives the world. Data drives any field of the economy and personal life. And data drives IoT development.

With the precise attention of the world community the fields of Data Science, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are booming right now. And while we still can’t be sure whether the crafted AI brain will be evil or good – the one positive effect of this boom is already here – the big masses of the data and the different approaches to work with them are now available almost for everyone. So, the apps became not only more personalized but using tools such as for example Apple’s Core ML and Google’s ML allows enhancing the effectiveness of the apps work and allows IoT products to finish various tasks in the most effective ways. Taking for granted the information from the previous paragraph, advice number 2 – the concept of data-driven mobile app development will predominate, so you have to adapt your idea to this trend.

3. AR, VR, XR – why you should remember about these trends?

Thus, for now, the trends of combining Virtual words with the IoT field are only at the start of their development – they shouldn’t be neglected. According to the expectation of the community, AR and VR technology will lead to the development of the corporate apps in the upcoming decade. And while we can’t say for sure that this trend will become a reality because of the unpredicted character of the growth in the VR/AR field, the one thing is clear – users in majority cases are ready to try and adopt these technologies to their lives.

We guess you can easily understand the things we want to say you in the advice number 3 – be flexible in your app concept and leave a flour for the enhancing it with the power of the modern technologies. Of course, you shouldn’t focus on VR/AR tips in the first version of the product (if they are not the core principle of your product), but possibility to add them on the more lately stages is definitely a great plus for your idea.

So, here are the three main trends for the IoT Apps development field. As you can see all of them are pretty simple and adaptable for any other field of Apps development that booming right now. Our team hopes that mastering all of the three of them will help you to build the great concept of the product that will win the hearts of your users.

If you will have any questions about the way you should start your journey with IoT App development, what technology you should use and how to build the first version of your product in a quickest and productive way – contact us here, we will be happy to share with you our experience and contribute to the success of your product.

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