Is it true that you should feel shame for your MVP?

Software development

Starting to work on your idea and getting to the first results is a difficult time – you have to convince your team, investors and even sometimes yourself also that the idea you are working on is worth time and money that you invest in it. But when the time frames are pretty tight and […]

HumanIT Team celebrates 3rd BirthDay

Strong Team

We have such a great news! HumanIT Team celebrates it’s 3rd BirthDay! We are happy to grow with such a cool team!

Feedback from our Customer: Founder of 321-play, Kevin Akpomuje


We had a great pleasure to know more about the process of creation of 321-play platform and about the challenges on the way to production….

What you should know before jumping into development of your first IoT product

IoT development

For the last couple of years, the term “IoT” became a buzz-word, everybody talking about the potential of the IoT field, tons of new-backed startup-leaders making their best to build something great and the coolest thing is that a lot of them make really good (and sometimes crazy good) staff….

The biggest issue about the hiring dedicated teams

Hiring Team

Last week passing through the new connections in my LI I’ve met an interesting conversation with a guy from London, who now works in the field of space and aircraft software development. It was just a usual small-talk with a new contact, but it makes me think about the main problem that a lot of the young entrepreneurs meet when they hire dedicated development teams. So, the guy told me……

HumanIT is among Top-Companies by Clutch

Top Company

Our team is proud to be selected among Clutch Top-Companies both in Germany and Ukraine! We are happy to make our dream come true- to create comfortable and flexible working conditions for our teams as well as to provide our clients with the best quality services….

IoT App Development – quick overview of the trends for upcoming years

IoT Trends

The field of the IoT apps is one of the most rapidly changed and fast-growing fields for the last half-decade. While in 2015 the majority of the individual users were very skeptical about using IoT apps, today almost everybody has tracking apps on their smartphones and uses them at least a few times a week. But even this curve of grow is only the start of the giant industry called IoT growth – according to the lead experts the market of the IoT apps will continue its booming and the estimated volume of the connected devices in 2025 will reach 75.5 billion (as for now the real volume of the market is 23.1 billion).So, if you are the one that has an idea of the IoT startup you are definitely is born in the right time and place. But to master all the challenges and grab the top positions for the next couple of the decades…

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