The beginning

The Client, Kevin, came to us with the idea of creation of the platform, where people can find music teachers in their area or remote to study on playing musical instruments. At that time he has few pages designed, just a simple overview of the features of the solution and almost no budget.

Proposed solution

We proposed to start with MVP of the platform where just simple and necessary functions will be implemented. So during discussion we’ve created functional requirements and have made an estimation of the platform. While we were building an MVP part of the solution, customers got funding and we decided to extend functionality to full functionality of the solution that can be used by students and teachers.
Technical wise we decided to build the 321 play with NodeJS on the back-end with PostgreSQL for the database, ReactJS of the front-end and host solution on Amazon Web Services.

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The solution

Take music lessons in any country.
Thanks to 321-PLAY
Encouraging talent and passion for music
Your freedom

The team


Customer and idea generator


Project manage



Alex Simpsons


Front-end developer


Back-end developer



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