Human Interface Technologies

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Who we are

HumanIT is a global digital product consulting team that partners with small and medium companies to help them achieve their business goals using emerging technologies.

What we love to do

Our team expertise is designing and delivering mobile apps with thoughtful, technological solutions that help companies meet customer expectations in today’s digital-first world.

Area of our expertise

Fintech Logo
Mobile banking, P2P payments, mobile commerce
Learning systems and platforms, educator empowerment tools
IoT Logo
Internet of Things
Home and office automation tools, smart BLE connected devices
Maps Logo
Geolocation + mapping
On-demand services, points of interest, turn by turn directions, solution integration with hard-ware tools
Systems for the mental deceases prediction and recommendation system for practical specialists
Crossplatform Logo
Cross-platforms applications
We are using progressive technologies to create mobile solution that fits your requirements
Back-End Logo
Back-end part
We can guaranty the work of business logic of the application from the back-end part
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
We know how to make your solution think and learn by itself.

Our projects

Technology: Python, Django, JQuery, JS
Technology: Python, Django, Angular, JS
Technology: Shopify, Drupal, HTML, JS
Technology: React Native, ReactJS, JS

Tech stack

Our Tech Stack is React and React Native as the best tools to develop any kind of web and mobile needs for our clients. Due to our deep expertise in React and React Native we can guarantee you that products can be developed fast, qualitative and at affordable price.

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React Native Logo
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Unity Logo

How we can help you

You have idea, but don’t know how to realize it? - We will help you with whole complex of software development services.
Dedicated team
Dedicated team
You know how to develop your solution but have no team? - We can provide you with the group of professionals that will create your product with will fit your requirements.
Dedicated developer
Dedicated Developers
You have everything but engineer is missing? - We can help you with professional developer to enhance your development team.
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